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virginia that rescue teams started moving toward the big branch mine in an effort to learn what happened to four missing miners, 25 others are now confirmed dead, the remaining four, unaccounted for at this hour, after an explosion yesterday afternoon. just moments ago the vest washingtono west virginia governor says families are holding out hope. >> as horrific as this explosion was, i explained to them i don't want to give anybody false hope but by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father or my brother or my uncle or my cousins, i'm going to have hope and i think you still see people clinging on to hope and it's very difficult. it's a very, very difficult situation. megyn: trace gallagher live in the new york city newsroom. what's the latest? >> reporter: you talk about surviveibility urk the four missing, you have to go back to the sago mine of 2006, because remember, the 13 miners who were in that inside, most of them survived the initial blast. we now know of course rand al mccloy of the only ultimate survivor because the rest didn't have any place to go but now
in the last half hour from the effort to track down four missing miners in west virginia, that video shows crews working on the vent holes they need to get toxic gases out of the mine shaft. rescue workers have also been banging on pipes, sending sound signals deep down into the chamber where the men are believed to be trapped. so far, however, there have been no signs of life. governor joe manchin is not giving up hope. >> when they decided to drill a third hole, the reason for that, the first hole went so fast and so well, if the third hole with the big rig they have there, they can get these three down, they could be venting a lot better and pulling more air out, and if you will, decanterring that area quicker. megyn: live pictures from the scene, where at least 25 miners are confirmed dead. the remaining four are believed to be holed up about a thousand feet below the surface. we are live on site with what is next in the rescue effort, about 20 minutes from now. stay with us for that. >>> we are also watching the federal courthouse in philadelphia at this moment, the woman known as jih
week they opened virginia's coastal areas for off shore drilling that mostly is delayed until 2012. you know the environmentalists who had more time to switch, they are so concerned about the world's vierntment they would rather see other countries develop more resources than develop their regulations. they would rather see the other countries develop. this gives them more time to sue. meanwhile the northeast atlantic coast is closed, alaska's oversees, the next priewdo bay is canceled, drilling along the pacific coast with 10 million barrels of oil >> now we are going to study -- more study of the south atlantic and parts of the gulf of mexico, areas that have been studied to death. apparent lit interior department reviewed 50 studies and decided the government needs more studies to collect dust on the shelf. as a governor and oil and gas commissioner and care of the nation's interstate compact commission, i have seen so many studies. let's send the white house this message. we can save taxpayer time, save money and announce there is oil and gas down there and we can produce it safely.
of the west virginia mine rescue operation. let's take a quick listen. we'll be right back in a couple of minutes with the headlines. >> -- and others, so we had teams, we took four teams inside the mines, each mean is comprised of six people, and you have state and federal that goes in, so each team gets ramped up to about eight people total. but then you have 32 people that's inside the mine that was sent in when we thought that our readings were at a level to where it would not pose a danger to the rescue workers themselves. they were able to ride in on rail to the same point to we were able to get to the other night, and once they got to that point, they are required to -- because of the debris that's on the track, they have to dismount and they have to walk about a mile and a half to get to the point where we had gotten to the other night. our hopes was to establish a fresh air establish up at what we call the mule train, basically the para center and computer center of the long wall, we would leave two teams there, backup deals, and have a team cross the long wall face, find the
, virginia. his picture is not being released because of his job in special operations. now, keep in mind, keefe did choose to have a judge decide the case, instead of a jury. the judge's words will be the final one. he's charged only with dereliction of duty which means in this case he failed to protect a prisoner in his custody, shannon. shannon: steve, you mentioned julio huertas, he's been acquitted, that happened yesterday. do we know if that gives us an indication of whether keefe may be cleared? >> it's certainly an indication but no guarantee. the defense attorneys think it's very good news and they're optimistic. matthew mccabe, the only navy seal charged with actual assault in this case will stand trial in may and his attorney told me today all the facts this the -- in the case have already been laid out in wednesday's trial of huertas and the jury rejected them. according to neal puckett, one of the main witnesses, the accused terrorist, ahmed hashim abed simply can't be believed when he claims he was beaten up. let's listen. >> the underlying assault was presented to the jury
here are a number of things. let's take the appeals court in virginia. i don't know if you know this. but the appeals court, these three pin headed judges, they found that inteadges inflisks emotion -- the intentional infliction of emotional distress case that the family made was not valid. >> no, they didn't. they were not sympathetic to that charge. >> let me explain where you are wrong. two judges threw it out on first amendment grounds. one judge concurred with the overall results and said i would throw it out for the following reason and that was the only judge to say the actual merits. >> the others didn't contradict that. >> they don't have to. >> it stands they didn't care. >> i have to stand up for these judges. i'm not -- this a close legal case under anybody's legal analysis. >> they let it hang in the air about we don't know if there is intentional infliction of emotional distress. >> the other concurred and said i agree with the judgment. >> it's not a matter of need, it's a matter of what's right. then they piled on -- then they piled on by saying you have to pay $16,00
, recovery teams down in west virginia have now finished their work, the reports are that they have removed all of the 29 bodies of the miners. they were killed in that explosion in a west virginia coal mine just about ten days ago, and now federal investigators can get into the mines and try to figure out what caused that blast. >>> the feds say the nation's hospitals are not doing enough to prevent common infections that can be deadly for paints, hel and human services say post-surgery infections increase, this is something a lot of people worry about when they go into the hospital, the feds planning to crack down on those who don't do enough to prevent infections. >>> consumer reports with a scathing assessment on the lexus gp460, giving it a rare don't buy safety risk warning. consumer reports says certain routine tests, the rear of the vehicle slid until it was nearly sideways, the magazine says that could cause a rollover. >>> well, uncle sam could be setting a course for financial ruins. within ten years, more than 20 percent of america's gross domestic product will go to interest on
home. people in new zealand, canada, texas, massachusetts, wisconsin, virginia and utah also hacked into the account, including 10 different people 73 times within one hour after david kernell went online, hacked in and changed her password. the defense contend this was nothing more than a college prank and kernel never once tried to cover this tracks. the jury could get this very soon. we could find out if david kernell will be found guilty and get 50 years. megyn: a lot of people watching this. what if somebody could get 50 years in prison for hacking into your personal email account? what you be in favor that to deter people from these outrageous invasions of privacy? >> reporter: it many worth noting none of the other people we are talking about, none of the others including a well-known man in utah has yet been charged with breaking in to this account. megyn: it could be a test case. the british ambassador in yemen narrowly escaping a homicide bombing today. witnesses say the bomber threw himself at the british ambassador's armored vehicle as it drove through the capital of yem
of the people. >> you've got the attorneys general of both virginia and mccollum in florida who claim they want to bring a case, let the supreme court decide. by the way, it was mitt romney who supported this, scott brown, the so-called tea party candidate who supported this, forcing people to have health care, so republicans, all the way back to richard nixon had a plan to make health care mandatory. megyn: we'll be watching mitt romney when he probably will be watching for -- will be probably running for president, defending that. >> we will. megyn: folks, are you wondering where the good jobs are? you may want to high tail it to washington, d.c. new details on how rewarding it is to work for urk ul sam. >>> within the hour, we'll show you what questions for tiger woods americans most want to have him answer. >>> new developments in the court case of the four conservative activists who are looking to make a point in the health care debate. wait until you hear what's happening with this guy. megyn: this is a fox news alert. new details coming in right now on the attack against a u.s. embassy
for early next month in virginia. a witness says he saw mccabe assault the man. megyn: the defense witnesses raised questions about whether that testimony is to be believed. what kind of reaction are we getting to this trial which is so controversial for the obvious reasons. >> reporter: an angry reaction. they believe the navy seals should be commended for capturing abbad. they say we are sending a terrible mess timing our troops that would put the treatment of terrorist prisoners above the safety of our own fighting men and women. megyn: it's an incredible image to think about this terrorist getting up on the witness stand talking about he i a victim because he was allegedly punched in the stomach. the guy responsible for catching him, the guy accused of murdering four american contracts, burning and hang them. the navy seal fighting for his own future listening to him talking about his own victimization. >> the attorneys wanted their clients to have the opportunity to confront him in court. he says he was hit in the shoulders and back and punched in the stomach when he was down. he says h
since he wasn't able to gets the ball across the finish line in new jersey massachusetts and virginia. >> reporter: i think of '94 when president clinton went out and campaigned very hard at least in the latter stages of that election. the republicans had the contract with americaw they were campaigning on. mr. clinton named it the contract on america. he campaigned very hard and to no effect whatever. when an election is nationalized, that is to say decided on the situation nationally rather than sets of local issues, results are what matter. and so far i think in the eyes of the american public her not happy with the results and it's not clear how much help the president will be. he will be a good fundraiser and turn out crowds. but it's not clear to me on balance he will be able to sway a lot of votes in favor of the democrats this fall unless things change dramatically. megyn: he also predicts if the democrats lose control of the congress in november it will be a major blow to his agenda it's unusual to see a president say it that way. we know if he does lose -- if the democrats l
court overturning the conviction of a virginia man who was sentenced to prison for making videos of dog fights. >>> and the astronauts from the space shuttle discovery, back home today, after a 15-day trip to the international space station. look at that, perfect landing. discovery landed at florida's kennedy space center this morning after rain delayed its arrival yesterday. >>> well, the blogs are on fire today with new reaction to former president bill clinton issuing a so-called warning about the tea party movement. >> oklahoma city proved once again that beyond the law, there is no freedom. and there is a difference between criticizing a policy or a politician and demonizing the government that guarantees our freedom and the public servants who implement them. so the only thing i'm saying at it, go fight, go do whatever you want. you don't have to be nice and you can be harsh but you got to be careful not to advocate violence or cross the line. megyn: and here for our segment, brit hume joins me from washington. >> hi megyn. megyn: you actually believe, because rush limbaugh and fo
, watching that piece for us. thank you. >>> from one disaster to another, the own of that west virginia mine at which 29 people died earlier this month, now offering $3 million full benefits for life to the families of the victims, it was one of the worst american mining accidents -- it was the worst, i should say, in 40 years. massey energy now putting up 3 million per victim for that tragedy, plus five times each minor's salary, full benefits, and college for all of their children. the coal mine had a laundry list of safety issues before a blast caused it to collapse. at least one widow, already filed a wrongful death lawsuit. several others considering the same. one family, already saying that they're not interested in settling, saying, quote, my dad did not have a price tag. >>> well, a short time ago, president obama addressing the number that best indicates the overall health of the u.s. economy. that's gross domestic product, or gdp. today's new gdp number showed the economy grew by 3.2%, from january-march. president obama, just a short time ago, reacting here. >> what this number me
in virginia. he tells me what they will do today, they already started. they gather as much oil as they can and they take it away from the charger still site. you need to make sure that oil is thick enough for it to set fire. 3 millimeters thick. they contain it in a fire retardant ring. they will drop pellets from a helicopter to start the fire. when you think of a fire, you think the thing will catch on fire. the way it works is because it's oil, it won't flash like gasoline. when the oil droplets hit, it will take some time for that fire to start. then it will burn off. but there will be residue left behind. but the good thing about that residue left behind is it's almost like aned a heelsive. he compared it -- it's almost like an adhesive. it will stick to whatever they bring by. he also told me there has before been a control burn of this size and scope ever conducted in the united states. so they are hoping to learn a lot from this and we are keeping our eyes on it. megyn: they are trying to cap that well, but they are not succeeding. thank you so much. a reminder, you can log on to f
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